For many, purchasing a home is one of the largest financial decisions that they will make.  In California, unlike other states, these transactions are usually handled through real estate agents and brokers without the presence of an attorney.  In many other states, attorneys are required to be involved in the escrow process.  While, it may be quicker not to involve an attorney, forgoing legal assistance can result in greater costs, especially when you are dealing with purchase and sale contingencies.  Was assist home purchasers to make home purchasing as easy and affordable as possible. 


In today’s business climate, the knowledgeable purchase, development, financing, leasing and sale of property for business and investment purposes is the crucial to business viability. Our real estate attorneys represent novice and sophisticated clients in all phases real estate finance.


Property owners may find themselves renting to a tenant that has been unable to pay rent or is unwilling to vacate the owner’s real property.  California law mandates strict procedures to be followed in evicting a tenant from one’s property.  Our attorneys work with real property owners to ensure all laws are followed to quickly remove a hold-over tenant from the property.


A Short Sale is where proceeds from the sale of a property will fall “short” of the debt or balance owed by the homeowner on the mortgage loan. In order to close a short sale, the lender or bank must consent to release or satisfy its mortgage in exchange for the short sale proceeds. A deficiency is the difference between the amount owed on the home and the proceeds from sale. If the Lender has not otherwise agreed to cancel the deficiency, it can still be owed by the homeowner even after the property has now been sold. We work with home owners to ensure transactions with lenders during short sales proceed effectively and do not expose homeowners to additional liability to lenders.


We provide litigation support for real estate professional homeowners facing litigation concerning a variety of real property disputes.  From foreclosures to partition actions dividing ownership interest between joint owners of real property, we work to effectively and efficiently resolve disputes in favor of our clients.