The attorneys at Happe Reid, PC are experienced in providing clients with peace of mind that their assets will be preserved and protected from estate tax and unnecessary attorney’s fees. 


Through effective estate planning techniques such as wills and trusts we can assist you in providing a well thought out plan to pass your estate to loved ones at your passing. 

Our Will and Trust services address your individual concerns as well as common testamentary concerns such as avoiding probate, minimizing estate tax liability, providing powers of attorney for finances and healthcare and ensuring that one’s minor children are protected physically as well as financially in the event of one’s death.


Providing authority to a loved one to make health care and end of life decisions for you in the event of incapacitation is crucial.  Family members may be left with health care and end of life decisions for their loved ones without any guidance.  We can assist you in providing authority for and directions to your designated agent to ensure your medical wishes and end of life decisions are followed.


Probate is the court process of administering an estate with or without a will.  Usually a family member or friend will need to petition the court to be appointed to handle the affairs of the decedent’s estate which include among other tasks, paying the last debts of the decedent and distributing the decedent’s real and personal property. 


Probate can be complicated, especially to individuals already grieving from the loss of a loved one.  Moreover, executors and personal representatives appointed by the court may be held liable for losses to beneficiaries if probate is not conducted appropriately.  We at Happe Reid, PC can work with you to ease the process of probate and expedite the administration of your love one’s estate.


Trust Administration is the process of handling one's trust following the death of the decedent.  Often in trust administration, beneficiaries of a decedent’s trust experience skepticism as to a trustee’s administration of a decedent’s trust. 


Having experience in trust litigation as well as trust administration, we have the experience needed to administer a trust and reduce the risk of litigation by beneficiaries.


Unfortunately, sometimes a loved one’s passing can bring about adverse feelings among family members.  All too often, emotions resulting from the loss of a loved one in addition to expectations of inheritance can leave family members fighting. 


Our office has handled a variety of estates with the goal of resolving the dispute and preserving family harmony if possible.  Having represented both beneficiaries and trustees in trust disputes, we have the experience needed to resolve your dispute as efficiently and effectively as possible.