We at Happe Reid, PC are experienced in analyzing your business to determine what corporate formation is appropriate for you.  Different business entities may be needed in order to best protect the business from certain tax consequences and management plans.


Failing to govern a corporation, LLC or other corporate formation may result in the court “piercing the corporate veil” leaving shareholders and/or members of the entity personally liable for debts and judgments against it.  Therefore, it is crucial to regularly hold meetings and keep accurate minutes of such meetings and important decisions to protect the entity’s sovereign status. 


We can assist you in holding annual meetings and preparing the necessary documentation to protect your personal assets from the reach of creditors and judgment debtors against the entity.


Our attorneys are well versed in the structuring of venture capital and preferred stock investments, warrants, private placements, and the offering and sale of debt and equity instruments.  We are experienced in acquisition financing and working capital loan transactions, including asset based lending arrangements, secured and unsecured mezzanine loan transactions, debenture offerings, interest rate swap and hedging transactions and related debt structuring arrangements.


Happe Reid has handled cases that span numerous industries and implicate all types of trademark rights, including service marks, trade dress and trade names. Representing both plaintiffs and defendants, we have experience litigating both large and small trademark cases before courts throughout the country.


We offer market-leading advice across a range of practice areas where real estate is at the center of the transaction.


Relied on by developers, owners, private and institutional investors, corporates, lenders and underwriters around the world to understand industry trends and their impact on business, we assist them to navigate the complexities of the markets in which they currently or plan to operate.


Clients trust us to manage the intricacies of their transactions and disputes, synthesizing legal and commercial knowledge to provide them with counsel that translates into successful outcomes.