Business Formation

We at Happe Reid, PC are experienced in analyzing your business to determine what corporate formation is appropriate for you.  Different business entities may be needed in order to best protect the business from certain tax consequences and management plans.

Corporate Governance

Failing to govern a corporation, LLC or other corporate formation may result in the court “piercing the corporate veil” leaving shareholders and/or members of the entity personally liable for debts and judgments against it.  Therefore, it is crucial to regularly hold meetings and keep accurate minutes of such meetings and important decisions to protect the entity’s sovereign status.  We can assist you in holding annual meetings and preparing the necessary documentation to protect your personal assets from the reach of creditors and judgment debtors against the entity.

Corporate Finance

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Sometimes even the best preventative measures cannot protect your business from creditors or claimants.  We provide litigation support to businesses of all sizes to protect your business from judgments and liens.  Our team also represents businesses to enforce contracts and agreements entered into by the business.